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Reviewr's Comment about Online Tax Filing.

Complete Tax is a good online tax filling services for 1040, 1040A, or 1040ez filers who are looking for a quick tax refund. Prepare and efile your federal and state tax return with TaxBrain at one of the lowest cost. As a bonus, the electronic filing fee is included in the purchase price and they also provides quick tax refund loan in just 24 hours.

  • Intuitive Navigation:

    The navigation is intuitive, easy and convenient. In you wish to go back to make changes to a previous page, you are required to finish the screen you are on and then go to the section you want to change. Its simple to use.

  • Novice-Friendly:

    Online tax filing is just like filling in the paper forms yourself without the paper. Therefore, it's a good solution for a novice user. To begin the process, you answer a few questions online and they determine what form(s) you need and you just type the figures online.

  • Ease of Installation & Setup:

    Because this product is online there is no download or installation necessary. You do have to setup an account, though, which takes a few minutes. You also have to worry about keeping the account name and password in a safe place and somewhere you can remember it.

  • Feature Set:

    TaxBrain offers few tax preparation features, however does offer many additional features such as quick loans for refunds and several archiving options. They will send you a bound copy of your taxes for $19.95 or save your taxes in their database for up to five years for $9.95 and they offer audit assistance for $34.95.

    This service can help you electronically file federal and state tax returns and they offer quite a few of the extra forms you may need such as income reporting, small business income/loss, deductions, credits and a few special forms.

    This product also has the ability to import from Quicken and Microsoft Money.

  • Help & Documentation/Search:

    In terms of customer support they offer chat, email and telephone contact. They also post a knowledgebase section and FAQ pages, however they are not necessarily easy to find. For example, if you click on "questions" from their home page it takes you to a "We've got Answers" page, but the only thing you can access there is the chat option.

CT can get your tax job done, and in usually less than 40 minutes. If you are expecting a refund and cannot wait to get your money, they can help you get a quick loan.